Careful planning stands at the forefront of every project. Our experienced team of engineers stand by your side for this – no matter whether you want to plan a new construction, tackle the alteration of an existing tower, or an ageing mast has to be repaired again. We will gladly support you with our long-time experience and know-how in the tower and mast construction and antenna and cable assembly sectors.



We provide you with comprehensive expert advice on an individual basis on all subjects surrounding the erection, repair or dismantling of towers, masts and transmitter installations and associated infrastructures.

Static analysis

We generate static analyses for new tower and mast structures as well as static validations of existing structures as load comparison. In addition, we execute new static analyses, including all associated components.

Planning and construction

This area of expertise comprises drawings for permit aplications, design planning, and execution planning, as well as the creation of shop drawings and formwork and movement plans.

Management of administrative bodies

This range of services includes the preparation, submission and follow-up of building applications. Furthermore we obtain permits and procure official documents for you.


We generate and provide our expertise on specific projects or structures, for example geological surveys, expert opinions or accompanying agricultural plans.

Generation of inventory documents

We offer you here too a complete range of services as a one-stop shop solution – starting from the precise directions to the antenna installation location, through the recording of the equipment actually available, all the way to updating or renewing of the documentation and planning records.

Project Management